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Sanofi have sponsored Skcin (The Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity) to develop a Skin cancer SOS (Supporter of Skcin) accredited workplace initiative. This initiative, developed by Skcin, helps to educate employees on skin cancer prevention and early detection.

Sanofi Sun Safety and Skin SOS Pledge:

Sanofi recognise the valuable contribution that employers can make in raising awareness of skin cancer prevention and early detection amongst employees and the communities in which we operate.

We are committed to providing our staff with information and support in relation to their health and wellbeing.

By achieving our Skin cancer SOS (Supporter of Skcin) Accreditation, we have provided all our staff with vital education on the risks associated with ultraviolet radiation, how to help prevent skin cancer and how to spot the early signs and symptoms, so that employees and their families take charge of their own skin health and surveillance.

Actions that Sanofi are implementing:

  • Roll out of informative app to employees, to educate on the above topics related to skin cancer
  • Update to Health and Safety booklet – inclusion of a sun safety page, with reference to the app
  • Delivery of a Sun Safety and Skin Surveillance session to employees, delivered by Skcin
  • Staff survey to get an overview on employees’ general knowledge of skin cancer awareness, to better understand the needs of employees


Job bag number: MAT-XU-2201696 (v1.0)
Date of Preparation: June 2022