Responsible Business Values

Our commitment to society

We are committed to greater transparency in our industry and will continue to strive for the highest possible standards. We believe that transparency reflects on credibility and engenders confidence in our company. We are committed to complying with all applicable rules and regulations governing transparency.

Sanofi partnerships

We collaborate on projects with various stakeholders and partner with
patient organisations and local communities.

Transfers of value

Healthcare professionals, patient associations and healthcare organisations transfers of value disclosure

Animal welfare

Our policy and principles for the use and protection of animals in research and development

Tax strategy

Our values, objectives, responsibility and way-of-working with tax

Why is transparency important?

Collaboration between industry, healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations is vital to the development and effective use of medicines and shaping the future of research. A greater transparency to these already well-regulated and legitimate relationships aims to build greater understanding of them by all stakeholders.

Why do we work with healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations and patient associations?

The healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations and patient associations with whom we work provide us with valuable, independent and expert knowledge derived from their clinical and disease management experience. We are dedicated to delivering a high quality service to people with healthcare needs who are at the centre of our business decisions. Collaborating with experts contributes significantly to our efforts to improve the quality of patient care, with benefits for individuals and society at large.

Carbon reduction plan

Minimisation of our environmental impact is underway.
Follow our progress towards achieving net zero emissions by 2045.

MAT-XU-2305580 (v1.0)
March 2024