Are you curious?

Join us in our quest to be inquisitive, as we ask What if? to some of the UK’s biggest health challenges. 

Curiosity can be an extremely powerful tool, which can help us all to thrive by exploring new ideas and ways of doing things. This is what What if? is all about. We want to ensure that we are playing our part in harnessing the tool of curiosity as we chase the miracles of science and accelerate the journey of the UK becoming a life science superpower, in partnership with other healthcare stakeholders and for the benefit of patients.

Curiosity sits at the heart of Sanofi and is evidenced through our culture and our visual identity:

“The two purple dots embody the scientific journey between a starting point – the curiosity of questioning the status quo and wondering ‘what if’ – and a finish line – the eureka moment where innovative solutions are unlocked to impact people’s lives.”

What if is all about asking the big questions, challenging the status quo and working together as we seek solutions.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we consider the topics, the questions and the solutions which are so critical to patients and the healthcare system.  

Vision for the UK as a Life Sciences Superpower: Sanofi asks What if?

A vision for the UK as a Life Sciences Superpower: Sanofi asks What if? is the start of our dialogue with Government, the healthcare system and others - our commitment to supporting solutions - focused thinking and applying the same curiosity to health policy that is applied in the world-leading science and research that drives medical innovation across the UK. 

The power of poetry, The People's Poem.

Our nationwide health poetry project, 'The People's Poem', invited people of all ages to write a piece of poetry that wonders 'what if?' about health experiences. 'What if?' we were gatekeepers to our own health, 'what if?' we all felt empowered to best manage our own physical and mental health, and 'what if?' we all felt we could speak freely and openly about our experiences? 

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April 2024