What if we recognised the work being done by the NHS that benefits the environment?

Introducing the Sanofi Green Award

We are committed to taking significant steps to minimise the negative environmental impact that the healthcare sector can have, and to help build a sustainable environment. Our UK&I-specific goals in place align with both the NHS goals and the UN's Sustainable Development goals.

Sanofi continuously looks for better ways to bring treatments to patients while ensuring the environmental profile of the products are improved.

The healthcare sector is a huge contributor to global greenhouse emissions. We must, therefore, chase with unwavering persistence ways in which we can continue to reduce this impact. It’s our responsibility to develop, find, encourage, and celebrate initiatives striving to do this as well as the people implementing them. Recognising our responsibility and taking clear action is how we will make a difference.
Jessamy Baird

Jessamy Baird

Managing Director Sanofi UK & Ireland.

In April this year, Sanofi launched the Sanofi Green Award. This new award will celebrate a team, organisation or an individual leading on a healthcare project that aims to reduce carbon emissions.

We're calling for anyone working in healthcare in the UK and Ireland who is supporting changes towards a cleaner and greener planet to enter by 25th August 2023 and have their efforts recognised (open to HCPs and non-HCPs). Entries can be registered here.

All shortlisted entries will be invited to attend the Quality in Care Diabetes Awards 2023 held in October at Sanofi’s UK offices in Reading.       

By entering and being part of our Sanofi Green Award, we can show others what can been done and encourage a greener mindset to as many people as possible.  The scope of change possible within the healthcare sector is huge and it’s vital we all play our part.