In conversation with Yifei Wang, Technology and Solutions lead.

Yifei Wang is not only leading our digital transformation at Sanofi, but she also finds time to profoundly shape the world around her. From collaborating with the UK refugee network link to gearing up as a volunteer for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics, her passion goes beyond bytes and bits.

Here’s her story. 

What does volunteering mean to you?

For me, volunteering is a way to contribute to the community and the world, beyond my defined role. It's an avenue for bonding and fostering a sense of belonging. The incredible individuals I've met through volunteering constantly remind me of life's beauty and offer unparalleled courage. Their kindness and resilience serve as inspiration.

Tell us about your recent volunteering activities.

My recent volunteer work with Sanofi brought me closer to the NGO UK refugee network. The organisation is instrumental in supporting vulnerable members, especially during these challenging times of the UK's cost-of-living crisis. Teaming up with Sanofi UK's Customer Engagement and Marketing teams, we organised weekday activities in central London. We distributed meal packs, clothing, toiletries, and food bank supplies to the homeless, refugees, elderly, and disadvantaged individuals. We also took part in serving a grand buffet. 

How did this experience shift your perspective?

Before this experience, I overlooked the sheer number of homeless people in central London. Their struggles deeply moved me. While our actions might not address the root issue, every bit of assistance matters. I believe that our support, however small, might be the push someone needs to rebuild their life. This effort was also an eye-opener in another sense: Beyond the work we do at Sanofi, I got to see the kind-hearted nature of my colleagues. Their compassion made me value our working environment even more, and I’m grateful that our leadership team in the UK and Ireland fosters a culture of volunteering.

What are you most proud of?

It's my continuous drive to make a positive difference in the world. This spirit of giving back and creating an impact is what keeps me motivated. 

Any advice for Sanofi employees considering joining volunteering projects?

Many already volunteer without even realizing it. In the workplace, we go beyond our roles, sharing knowledge, and lending a helping hand. Outside, many care for their families and elderly parents, especially women who often become primary caregivers. This invaluable contribution to society needs recognition.  

If you're looking to do more, countless organizations and platforms within Sanofi can guide you. In UKIE, we have Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that touch upon diverse areas like Culture, Origins, Gender, Generations, LGBT+, Ability, and Social Mobility, to name a few.

“My advice would be: Determine how you wish to contribute to society and find a suitable avenue aligned with your time and lifestyle. Remember, every small act counts!”

What volunteer project is next for you?

I'm also gearing up to volunteer for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics! As preparations roll out, I'm keen to be a part of this global event and contribute in any way possible.

Date of Preparation: October 2023