About The People's Poem 

The People’s Poem is a unique project designed to encourage creative expression of our own individual experiences with our health. We invited members of the public to take part in a collective cultural moment and compose a piece of poetry asking, ‘What if?’ about health.

We have been delighted by the submissions we received – the calibre of entries was extremely high, with people emotively sharing their personal health experiences through the power of poetry and challenging their own mindset by asking ‘What if?’.

Jaspreet Kaur, award-winning spoken word artist and our People’s Poet, wrote a new piece of poetry inspired by the entries. 

We're pleased to share more in our highlights video: 

The People's Poem 

Read and listen to the People's Poem below.

The People's Poem Event 

The People’s Poem was unveiled and performed by Jaspreet live at an event hosted by Sanofi on National Poetry Day 2023. The event was held at Battersea Arts Centre, the world’s first ‘Relaxed Venue’ and pioneer in making arts accessible for all. Jaspreet was joined on stage by a number of people who performed their entry. 

You can read the poems that were on display and see images from the event below:

About Jaspreet, the People's Poet  

Jaspreet Kaur, also known by her online handle ‘Behind the Netra’ is an award-winning spoken word artist, history teacher and writer from London. She is passionate about gender issues, taboo subjects and encourages positive social change in both the Asian community and wider society. Her work tackles issues related to gender discrimination, mental health stigma, the postcolonial immigrant experience, and more. ​

Jaspreet has been sharing the power of creative expression with schools and universities across the country and is also a judge for the annual Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition and the prestigious Roundhouse Poetry Slam. 

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