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It takes knowledge and courage to pursue getting answers for patients. There are challenges and set-backs along the way. But we learn. And when this hard work results in new, cutting-edge medicines, services and devices, we witness the miracles of science. At Sanofi, this is what drives us.

Research and Development

Did you know we have a variety of innovative approaches to solve healthcare challenges?

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Clinical trials

Clinical trials are a crucial step in the development of medicines. Curious to know what questions they answer?

Starting your career?

Graduate programme

Our graduate program for aspiring leaders is a great opportunity to develop your career and explore different skills in a supportive environment


Our apprenticeship programme is a combination of working and studying. It's a great opportunity for you to develop your career in the healthcare sector.

Sanofi partnerships

We collaborate on projects with various stakeholders and partner with
patient organisations and local communities.

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