Sanofi in the UK undertakes a variety of Corporate Social Responsibility activities across its sites.


We support various local charities throughout the year and all our employees are given two volunteering days; one in which they can volunteer for a charity of their choice and the other is focused on working as a team to support a nominated local charity. 


In November 2020, we put in place the #SanofiKeepActive virtual programme which promotes physical activity among young children. Our volunteers have been working with a group of pupils at Highdown School, in Reading, helping them define their physical activity goals and through regular sessions encouraging them to achieve their targets.

SATRO mentoring programme

In October 2017, we began working with SATRO on a mentoring programme with local schools. SATRO is an educational charity and social enterprise that provides, among other things, mentoring for school children on real life aspects of the working world, particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The project is still active, with its latest programme having started on November 2020 in one of the schools in Reading, allowing mentors from Sanofi to share experiences, skills, and expertise, for the mutual benefit of the community and the students.


‘Pennies from Heaven’

We also offer the ‘Pennies from Heaven’ scheme, which is a simple, easy and effective way to make a difference to our nominated charities and is the largest micro giving scheme for employees in the UK. Employees who opt in automatically donate the extra pennies on their monthly salary to these charities.

Supporting Berkshire Community Foundation

Starting January 2021, we entered into a collaboration with Berkshire Community Foundation to promote the health and wellbeing of people in Reading. Through the foundation our first donation goes to Parents And Children Together (PACT), an award-winning Reading-based adoption and family support charity that builds and strengthens hundreds of families every year. PACT delivers community projects in Reading including Alana House, a women’s community project that supports disadvantaged women with multiple needs such as domestic abuse, substance misuse, homelessness, and mental health issues.

Our contribution will also go towards funding Berkshire Community Foundation’s core activities, including fundraising and supporting their local charities and volunteer groups that provides crucial social services and address vital community needs across Berkshire.

Walking Army of Hope

During the first two weeks of December 2020, 254 of our employees in the UK and Ireland were encouraged by leadership and challenged themselves to move away from their computer screens and go for a walk in a bid to combat “ZOOM burnout”, promote their health and wellbeing, and support our community through a difficult year for all of us. For every mile walked, Sanofi committed to contribute £1 to charity.

Tracking every step, Sanofi colleagues collectively walked 8,027 miles, a challenge they called ‘Walking Army of Hope’. The company agreed to round up the donation to £10,000 to be given to two charities, Trinity Homeless Projects and Launchpad Reading. 

Giving Tree

During the 2020 Christmas season, we supported KidsOut, a charity that supports children who have escaped domestic violence, in its Giving Tree initiative. This initiative gave our employees the opportunity to buy toys for children in local refuge homes.

The generosity and thoughtfulness of our employees’ Christmas present donations brought smiles to the faces of 146 children who may not have received a gift during the holidays.

All sites receive requests for support from a variety of local and national charitable organisations.

If you represent a charitable organisation and wish to request support from Sanofi for an activity or project please submit your request below. Please note that each request will be reviewed by a committee which sits each month and further information will be required ahead of confirming financial support. The total approval time is likely to be around 8-12 weeks. Your request receipt will be acknowledged within 5 working days.

See the request form below:

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Date of Preparation November 2021