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Our Responsibility

Transparently working in partnership to empower people’s health journey

Working in partnership

Working in partnership

We work transparently with a wide range of stakeholders across the health system to help people in the moments that matter.

This includes working with patient organisations, healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations

Transparency in our interactions

Transparency in our interactions

Ethics & Transparency are the core of the company’s social responsibility. It is our way of working every day and forms the basis of our relationship with each of our stakeholders.

Collaboration between industry, healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations is a vital need in enabling the development and effective use of medicines and shaping the future of research. Bringing greater transparency to these already well-regulated and legitimate relationships aims to build better understanding of this collaboration.
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Corporate Citizenship

Sanofi is committed to the communities we work in, Empowering Life

We aim to focus on the greatest needs and where we can have the greatest impact

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