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Welcome to the Sanofi UK careers. If you've visited us before, you'll notice that there's something different about us, which is true in more ways than one.

Why Sanofi?

Everyone wants to make a difference. And whilst it's rare to be presented with that chance, that's exactly what we all get when we join Sanofi. Every day you'll be working as part of a team that has the privilege of improving and saving lives.

What's more, you'll also get the chance to challenge yourself and take your career as far as you can, in a company that proactively recognises and celebrates achievement. Our training and development is respected industry-wide, offering an extensive range of bespoke programmes, as well as encouraging people to explore other opportunities across all parts of the business.

The only limits you'll come up against are the ones you set yourself. We work hard, but we enjoy what we do and are proud of the positive changes our contribution has made for people all over the world.

We have created an environment that thrives on challenge, yet one that is equally supportive. A culture that we think has the right blend of gritty determination and cultivation, one that rewards and recognises success. A culture that embraces individuality, celebrates our differences and applauds imagination and innovation.

For the third consecutive time, Sanofi has been certified as a Global Top Employer!

Sanofi has received this Global certification thanks to the regional and local certifications of 4 regions (Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America) and 24 countries across the world. 

To be certified as a Top Employer, Top Employers Institute rigorously assessed Sanofi’s employee offerings across various areas of Human Resources such as Talent Strategy, Learning & Development, Compensation & Benefits, Leadership Development and Culture. 

Such accolades are proof of Sanofi's commitment to create a great workplace culture that empowers our people and helps to bring our Employer Value Proposition to life. 

A career in marketing

A key part of the commercial engine, working to promote positive outcomes across a product's life cycle to support people on their health journey.

Market Access

Ensuring those in need have continued access to medicines and vaccines; in terms of both availability and affordability.

A career in sales

Making sure our partners in health have all the information they need about our medicines, vaccines, products and services.

A career in medical

Providing clinical and medical guidance to internal and external customers to improve patient care and safety

A career in manufacturing

Striving to produce our medicines to exact standards and ensure their availability when and where they’re needed

Students and Graduates

Our business thrives on new ideas and fresh perspectives — bring us yours and we’ll invest in both.

Work Wonders, Everday

Progress doesn’t happen without people - people from different backgrounds and locations, doing different jobs. All united by one thing: a desire to innovate for the small breakthroughs in health, as well as the epic.

And we are those people. When you join us, be ready to explore new ideas and embrace new opportunities and cultures.

You will be part of a flexible and inclusive workplace - based on trust and respect - so you can live your life the way you want to.

Job bag number MAT-GB-2002699(v4.0)
Date of Preparation August 2022