About the creators

This Charter was produced and funded by Sanofi UK in collaboration with National Eczema Society, Eczema Outreach Support, British Skin Foundation and Allergy UK.

The importance of the Patient Charter

This Charter is intended as a set of principles and aspirations from patients that will help them to live better with atopic eczema. The Patient Charter aims to support services to become more patient-centric, and we hope this will be a useful guide to policy makers, NHS managers, Integrated Care System leaders, nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and everyone involved in the delivery of care for people living with atopic eczema.

Parliamentary Event

To drive improvements in healthcare for patients with atopic eczema and showcase the patient charter, Sanofi hosted a parliamentary reception to launch the 'Skin in the Game' campaign in July 2023. This was an opportunity for stakeholders in atopic eczema to come together and build political momentum to improve awareness of the condition and establish how patients can be better supported. 

The meeting was attended by representatives of patient advocacy groups, clinicians who work in dermatology, and parliamentarians with a particular interest in the condition and its impact. We are greatful to Virendra Sharma MP who kindly hosted this meeting in the House of Commons.

Following on from the success of the event, we wrote an open letter to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care requesting that his department integrate the Charter's key asks into their strategy for eczema moving foward, and meet with us together with the patient organisations who developed the Patient Charter. This was signed by clinicians and patient advocacy groups.

Want to read the full patient charter and find out more?

Want to read the full patient charter and find out more?

MAT-XU-2303889 (v2.0)
Date of preparation: September 2023