Getting under the skin of eczema: Report Summary:

This report highlights the psychological, social and physical effects of moderate-to-severe eczema. In 2021, Allergy UK along with Sanofi surveyed 30 healthcare professionals, 368 moderate-to-severe eczema patients, and recieved Freedom of Information responses from Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to produce this report and explore the long-term impacts of a life with eczema. The headline findings include:

of 179 patients surveyed waited more than a year for a treatment regime that made their eczema manageable.

of 206 patients spent over an hour each day managing their eczema.

of healthcare professionals surveyed felt that there was not adequate mental health support provided for patients with eczema.

MAT-XU-2303889 (v2.0)
Date of preparation: September 2023