Sanofi launches new future of advocacy partnerships report

At Sanofi, we recognise the importance of working together with patient advocacy groups and to provide partnerships with genuine equity that serve the needs of the patients. Which is why, we have led and published the Future of Advocacy Partnerships Report.

The report aims to share insights on how we, together with our industry partners, can create better partnerships with advocacy groups and work together in a truly collaborative fashion.

The formation of the report brought together representative voices from several different patient organisations and provided a space for discussion to capture the current state of play and to identify key challenges and potential solutions. Within it, we analyse and explore the diverse breadth of interactions within current partnerships. The following actions were identified for those involved in advocacy collaborations to adopt:

  • Both industry and patient groups should consider how collaborative projects authentically serve patients
  • Each expert within the partnership should be recognised within the relationship
  • Both partners should listen and be ready to discuss and adapt as they undertake partnerships
  • Industry and patient groups should always be transparent about their collaboration and consider opportunities within projects to profile the benefits of working collaboratively.

The recommendations aim to improve and optimise working relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and patient groups. This is essential as successful collaborations can increase impact, provide better ways of working, boost perception of the projects, and ultimately provide better health outcomes for patients. Successful projects can improve clinical trials, increase public awareness, and enhance preventive approach, all of which can positively impact patient outcomes. Examples of these effective case studies have been included in the report.

Henry Featherstone, Director of Public Affairs, Sanofi, comments “Advocacy partnerships have been a cornerstone for the pharmaceutical industry as we strive to ensure patients are at the heart of our work. However, these relationships are not without their obstacles and over recent years have presented challenges to both parties. Our work in this area aims to provide a framework to support Sanofi and the broader pharmaceutical industry to engage with patient organisations in a clear and constructive way. We are keen to look at the ways we can extend and increase the benefits of such partnerships under the increased transparency and reporting that all organisations need to adhere.”

As a health journey partner, we are committed to putting patients first and to amplifying patient voices. We recognise the challenges that patient groups face and wants to help overcome them so that parties can work together effectively and deliver the best outcomes for patients.