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Our Responsibility

Content :

Patient Group Bursary Scheme

June 11, 2014

We believe that advocacy groups play an important role in championing the needs of patients and driving up the quality of care. Sanofi has a long-standing and successful track record of working in partnership with patient groups and building partnerships with the NHS and other third parties to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients.

To develop this commitment further, in 2011 we launched the Sanofi UK Patient Group Bursary Scheme. Since 2011, Sanofi UK has awarded eight patient groups bursaries to organisations where promoting the needs and interests of patients is at the heart of their work.

To find out how previous winners have put their bursary award to good use, please click the links below:

2013 winners
2012 winners
2011 winners

In 2014 we will be awarding two bursaries to UK patient groups to support programmes running throughout the year:

Gold bursary - £25,000
Silver bursary - £15,000

New for this year, a bursary of £10,000 will be awarded specifically to support the work of patient groups with incomes of £300,000 or less.

Applications for the 2014 Sanofi Patient Group Bursary Scheme have now closed. Bursary prize winners will be announced in late July 2014.

For further information about the Sanofi UK Patient Group Bursary Scheme please contact:


Sanofi Patient Group Bursary Scheme Secretariat
Just: Health PR
37 Point Pleasant
London, UK
SW18 1NN

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Corporate Information

Corporate Information




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